Late July Links. Michael Jackson Was Kicked In The Balls By Joe. Eva Mendes Was Not.

Remember back when you were a kid, and you would spend whole summers just finding dead bodies in the woods and pushing them down the river?

Skymall. Period.

Movies should be banned because they cause children to drink gasoline and turn into Transformers

How do you like your women? via Supafamous

Don’t understand stalkers? After this you might. See you tomorrow Eva Mendes.

Michael Jackson’s dad kicked him in the nuts. That’s why Michael Jackson was sterile.

Links From Abroad

A Passion For Donkeys and other Awful Library Books

You want the creativity? You can’t handle the weird Etsy creativity.

fuckyeahchristinahendricks single serving

Ebony magazine’s 1983 prediction of what Michael Jackson would look like in the year 2000.

More Tumblr. Don’t Judge My Hair

How did i do without this of the day The iBum Chair. With video:

Leeeeeeenks About Dorm Fridges, Chicken Dung, Luke Chueh, Michael Jackson and Photoshopped Black People

Coyote Urine’s on sale at Amazon
. $29.95 is a small price to pay for the BEST PRANK GIFT EVER!

Her father actually named her chicken dung and only now is she able to have her name changed.

What’s in my dorm fridge Flickr pool.

Single Serving Gary Landlord Of The Flies

Too many black people in your photo? Just remove them. Not enough… photoshop extra black people in.

Luke Chueh’s soundtrack to my life now available as a laptop skin.

Michael Jackson Beat It zipper shirt without the leather and zippers.

End Of June Random Links

So fucking metal

Will the real King of Pop please stand up?

It’s time to get crafty

The HTC Hero has arrived… but it lacks the hardware keyboard I was hoping for.

Pee on a president

Is Michael Schumacher The Stig?




It’s Pirate hunting time