With more and more articles suggesting the internet isn’t a safe place for adults let alone kids I figured I would bring things into perspective. Sure, the internet may offer some risks… some inappropriate images, dangerous ideas and generally questionable content… but why blame the class for the behavior of a few kids.

I think we know who’s really at fault.


/b/ responsible for all that is vile and evil on the internet

4chan will destroy you. /b/ will destroy you slowly


Late August Links After A Short Summer Break


Friend a slut.

Impossible Cool. Seriously

Shit My Dad Says

“Your mother made a batch of meatballs last night. Some are for you, some are for me, but more are for me. Remember that. More. Me.”

Stuff Hipsters Hate

Amazon’s wtf tag opens up a whole world of wonderful… perfect for secret Santa gifts.

Coffee Makes You Poor

Found Photos. This could go either way.

These people have way more fun than you Last Night’s Party

Random Linkfest

Microsoft Bing for the win!

Oh Meatwad. Finally a tribute worthy of your rapidly spoiling meatiness

Come on guys… just chillax

Confessions Grouphug

Ah Tumblr… why did it take so long to find you? Why My Ex Sucks

More from Anthony Bourdain. 13 places to eat before you die, from slashfood

I debated whether to post this… and decided that in the realm of 4chan homebrew graphics this is pretty tame. So here you go, menstruation explained. Thedailywhat.com

What has been seen cannot be unseen. Iambored.com

This is some great malt bread. You can really taste the mouse.

Robodump 1.0 That’s Right. Robodump


“the office was abuzz all morning with gossip about the guy in the bathroom. Several people theorized it was the CFO”


The death of 4chan

How to write unmaintainable code

Man, I rock this haircut every Friday night…