Salami Fighting Association. Perhaps The Greatest Meat-Themed Video Ever To Hit The Internet

There’s so much wrong with this video that it almost defies explanation… yet at the same time there’s a great deal that is oh-so-right. For example:

Open blinds.
Raw bacon skirt.
Questionable martial arts skills (I’m being generous with ‘questionable’).
Mixed weight classes.
Meatball choker with hot grease still dripping.
Rolling around on the (hopefully rented) carpet with raw bacon skirt.
Salami abuse (those were big salamis).
Guide wire-like leap over the couch (which I still don’t understand).
Music & lyric choices (busting through your back door).

Rum & Coke?

Via the one and only

Ninjas Vs. Bubu 501. The Most Ridiculous Car Chase I’ve Ever Seen.

And why do they ninjas:
a) have rollerskates
b) have bright red wheels on those rollerskates
c) appear out of a minivan
d) attack an automobile using blunt bamboo sticks

Smooth, Tasty Single Serving Randomness

Some of these are pretty short on posts… so get the cameras out.

People of Walmart, the Internet salutes you.

Look how bleeping bad i parked

Do your bleeping dishes

You are not a man. Geez. Only 2 posts?

Asleep at Starbucks

Meals for a wedding photographer

Making out in public

He bears false witness