Buncha Links. Tattoos, Obama, Bidets and more.

Tits & Tatts. Exactly what it sounds like, therefore NSFW.

I get a pile of SPAM these days, but one of the titles today took the cake. “Enjoy the delicious taste of having a monster in your pants.”

Skymall never disappoints… The toilet bidet. Try to explain this one to security.

Obama is nothing if not consistent… with his smile that is

Lotsa Links. Some Good, Some Not So Much

Animals With Lightsabers

Tiny Versions Of Bigger Things

White Girls Wearing Animal Maks… huh?

Hot Chicks Picking Up Dog Sh*t… ok, so these tumblr single serving sites are getting a little ridiculous

Jack Nicholson. Cooler Than You’ll Ever Be

Etsy Seller With Interesting Vinyl Decals

Danny DeVito is on Twitter. I dislike Twitter, however I love Danny DeVito. As such, I’m torn.

Food In Real Life

From the Daily What

Smooth, Tasty Single Serving Randomness

Some of these are pretty short on posts… so get the cameras out.

People of Walmart, the Internet salutes you.

Look how bleeping bad i parked

Do your bleeping dishes

You are not a man. Geez. Only 2 posts?

Asleep at Starbucks

Meals for a wedding photographer

Making out in public

He bears false witness

Links From Abroad

A Passion For Donkeys and other Awful Library Books

You want the creativity? You can’t handle the weird Etsy creativity.

fuckyeahchristinahendricks single serving

Ebony magazine’s 1983 prediction of what Michael Jackson would look like in the year 2000.

More Tumblr. Don’t Judge My Hair

How did i do without this of the day The iBum Chair. With video:

Random And Unrelated Links

You think you’re happy? You’re not happy. These people are happy: Happiest People Ever

Make your dream come true. Eat off of Magnum P.I.’s Tom Selleck

Vancouver 2010 Olympic torch looks like a Vancouver Olympic torch should. Puff, puff, pass.

This lion cub is braver than you.

The f*cking weather dot com.

If this is the new Ravage, I wonder what the new SoundWave looks like?

The chaps over at 4chan are bored.

Spork long and prosper.