It’s April, Where Are My Links?


GIF Horse

The tastiest of princesses

I was making jewelry just the other day and realized I didn’t have any baby chick legs or wings. Oh, what to do? Regretsy! Please ensure that you scroll to the bottom of that page for perhaps the best piece of taxidermy ever.

Noxious protests in Sweden

Who do you love?

Pirates in the Seychelles act first, think later

Mittens. Buy mittens.

Aaaaaand we’ll close it off with talking Carl dueling scream fight. GO!


Comeback Links

I am a patron of the arts… Godzilla Haiku

Just because its expensive doesn’t mean you want to eat it.Daniel Angerer makes cheese from his wife’s breast milk and serves it to you

If the Internet was around when I was in high school I would have been all over the Dork Yearbook

Why your children are fat

Time to get you a hipster wife

James Cameron? Who is James Cameron?

Timewasters Of Varying Quality

Your old sweater reknit into something “new” by some guy’s mom. Or so he claims.

Who was that actor that played that other actor as a child? Kidcasting blog

Letterheads, real or imagined.

Jek Porkins. Superhero. Celebrity.

I feel her pain. Must be Monday.

Cameras, ruuuuuuun!!