Random Linkfest

Microsoft Bing for the win!

Oh Meatwad. Finally a tribute worthy of your rapidly spoiling meatiness

Come on guys… just chillax

Confessions Grouphug

Ah Tumblr… why did it take so long to find you? Why My Ex Sucks

More from Anthony Bourdain. 13 places to eat before you die, from slashfood

I debated whether to post this… and decided that in the realm of 4chan homebrew graphics this is pretty tame. So here you go, menstruation explained. Thedailywhat.com

What has been seen cannot be unseen. Iambored.com

This is some great malt bread. You can really taste the mouse.

President And Mrs Obama Watching A 3D Movie … Chuck 3D?

First thing I noticed? 3D glasses. I need a pair to watch the PVR’d 3D Chuck episode that’s been sitting for weeks.

Second thing I noticed? Most everybody in the photo is black.

Third? That’s the cleanest, most comfortable looking movie theater I’ve ever seen.

Sit up straight Barack.

Barack and Michelle Obama watching Nemo 3d in a plush theatre