Month End Funtime. How Did You Get Here?

First off, Stumbleupon picked up its game in September, sending a good chunk of traffic. It seems the “Thumb this up” button did what it was supposed to do.

Now, are far as keywords go I’ve compiled some of the more interesting ones that lead people here. In no particular order:

Simona Halep breasts (ok, ok, so this and its variants drove far and away the most traffic)
Inappropriate games
what odour
christina hendricks boobs
not the cosby show
the fruitcake lady
centaur costume
xkcd ebay
let me see your bestest wine
looking ass kitty rap
4chan facebook
nude stewardess
pedobear twitter
douche name generator
bathroom voyeur
hashtag gorillapenis
don’t go to bed before the king
aquarium shoes
gs girls stanky leg
michelle obama butt
definitely no cheese in a can
michael jackson alien vs predator
action hank
detroit velvet smooth
walker texas ranger piano cat
coyote pee
squirtle porn