Search Optimization. How Did People Find This Site In April?

I was reminded recently that I haven’t posted a list of some of the interesting search queries that drove people to this site last month. Apologies… here’s a sample in no particular order. This list makes it clear why I will never be able to monetize this site.

Peter Griffin Siren Song
GS Girls Stanky Leg
Potty Dance
Miranda Youtube
Riker On Riker
Boston Marker Rode Commercial
Dr. Shine And Dee Dee
Hairy Armpits
Vroom Vroom Party Starter
Alphonso Ribiero
Squeez Bacon
CNN Teabagging
Top 60 Ghetto Black Names
Michelle Obama Butt
Salma Hayak Breasts
Toiletman Prank
Patrick Stewart Girl Boobs
The J The I The M The M The Y
Yoyeur Bathroom
Goma-Mugi Cha
Patrick Chewing
Snacks And Shit
Thunderbird Grapefruit
Beard On Beard Riker
Explosive Diarrhea
Horny Grandma
Detroit Velvet Smooth
Senator Mix-A-Lot Sponsors Titties-on-Glass Legislation
Bert And Ernie On Speed
Gates McFadden Breasts