Using Tor To Surf Your Pron? Reconsider.

While Tor is not intended for use with Bittorrent there are certainly guides out there instructing you how to do so… but you might want to reconsider given this announcement featured on Slashdot today.

“Proxy servers are an everyday part of Internet surfing. But using one in a crime could soon lead to more time in the clink,’ reports the Associated Press. The new federal rules would make the use of proxy servers count as ‘sophistication’ in a crime, leading to 25% longer jail sentences.”

Good times. I’d say it wasn’t anything to worry about if what constituted “a crime,” and when you are or are not responsible for the activity wasn’t so foggy online. Consider the first time you were rick-rolled or goatse’d… and then consider the case taken a step further by someone you don’t know… like the example described here. Time to uninstall Tor just in case?

Via Slashdot