I Should Have Read This Before I Bought The 4 Disc RAID System For Home

Blast. I swear RAID 10 for the living room was a necessity.
Bash.org strikes again.

<Dr_Memory> I think there’s a real argument to be made here that using RAID for home data storage is putting effort into the wrong end of the problem.
<Dr_Memory> when you can buy 2TB disks off the shelf, it’s probably substantially simpler to just buy two of them, set up a good backup system, and reap the day-to-day simplicity benefits of one controller -> one disk -> one filesystem.
<Dr_Memory> or to put it another way: your kitten photos do not need the same high-availabity system infrastructure as Citibank’s transaction databases 🙂

And another.

<Garou> ok, I need hot sandwich ideas
<Garou> I got Ruben/Buffalo Chicken Burger/Meatball
<West> chicken ranch
<Rail> philly cheesesteak
<Garou> hrm philly cheesesteak
<Garou> good one, I’ll put that one down
<Shinji> Garou: Larry King, Oprah, John Goodman.
<Garou> Those are Sandwichs?
<Shinji> No, it’s a sandwich.
<Shinji> And boy, is it a hot one.
<Garou> facepalm.