Your (Lack Of) Privacy Online. Gigapixel Photography Exposes Yaletown, Vancouver British Columbia

I suppose there’s always a risk that if you leave your blinds open you’ll have someone watching you go about your business in a downtown condo… evidenced by the telescopes often seen in windows pointed at or below the horizontal. There are voyeurs among us… its just kind of creepy that the voyeurs could be taking images / photos from such a distance with the ability to see this level of detail.

This is a bit on the creepy side. Click the image below and zoom in on the Yaletown condos… waaaay in and then think about your privacy.

From the site:

A gigapixel image is a digital image composed of more than one billion pixels. It contains more than 150 times the detail captured by a typical 6-megapixel consumer camera.

Vancouver's Yaletown condos being peeped by a long distance peeping tom