Avoid Senile Agitation With The Help Of Thorazine

I’m not sure that senile agitation is an actual condition, but just in case if you’re senile and agitated you’d better get yourself some of this ‘medication.’ According to Healthsquare.com:

Thorazine is used for the treatment of schizophrenia (severe disruptions in thought and perception). It is also prescribed for the short-term treatment of severe behavioral disorders in children, including explosive hyperactivity and combativeness; and for the hyperenergetic phase of manic-depressive illness (severely exaggerated moods).

Thorazine is also used to control nausea and vomiting, and to relieve restlessness and apprehension before surgery. It is used as an aid in the treatment of tetanus, and is prescribed for uncontrollable hiccups and acute intermittent porphyria (attacks of severe abdominal pain sometimes accompanied by psychiatric disturbances, cramps in the arms and legs, and muscle weakness).

That and apparently Senile Agitation.

Man, the olden times must have been awesome. Put anything you like in a bottle, call it medicine and sell it to the masses. Chance of a lawsuit? Zero.

Stop senile agitation by using this medication to help the aged