The Michael Jackson Robot Head Is 99% Less Creepy Than Michael Jackson

Eric over at Supafamous (I’m nobody’s Chinese Kate Moss… beliee-dat) pointed out Michael Jackson’s auction the other day, and in particular some of the stranger items like the Grandmother Predictions fortune teller (as IF that thing wouldn’t turn on all by itself in the middle of the night), the Peter Pan golfcart limo thing and of course the freaky robot head from some movie I’ve never heard of called Moonwalker.

The robot head would be kind of cool if it had no association with the King of Pop himself… since everything in the auction obviously does you’d might as well go big.

Might I suggest the following painting in gilded frame for that empty spot on the wall immediately above your chair in the cube at work? Perhaps this understated swing for the balcony in your 600 square foot apartment downtown? That one’s ‘Never Never’ gonna sell.