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Where Did All These Visitors Come From?

February 19th, 2009 No comments

So this site has only been back online (at a new host that doesn’t let hackers hack, and host warez and pr0n on accounts they’re providing btw) for a few days now and traffic is through the roof. Well over 200 unique machines visited yesterday to look at the crap I posted. Suckers.

Anyway, you may ask yourself how the hell all those eyeballs made it to this crappy site given that I must have pagerank -1,000 by now and zero Internet mojo. The answer? Armpit Hair.

Top Keywords and keyword phrases yesterday:
“boost mobile armpit hair ”
“long armpit hair commercial”
“commercial long armpit hair”
“salma hayak breasts”
“whitney houston”
“commercial with long armpit hair”

You guys suck.
Except the crew looking for Whitney Houston. You guys are awesome, and I wish you Godspeed.

I Blame Whitney For Hiding His Meds

February 16th, 2009 No comments

Bobby drops into a pose on stage and can’t get up. Help the man. Somebody.

While you’re at it, check this right here. Remember… its 2009.

And this’ll make you want to Jump.