Links For This Week. Starting With Man Boobs. Man Boobs And Kevin Federline

Why Manboobs? Why Not?

Sexy Executives… Really?

Shhhhh…. Don’t tell Steve. Who’s Steve?

Spider bite you? Brace for priapism

The Real Tracy Morgan

Awesome YouTube Comments. Way more awesome than you’re expecting.

Speaking of Manboobs, guess what Kevin Federline’s been up to!

Random Linkfest

You think you have it rough? Try being a Goth in hot weather

Thanks, but no thanks. I will decline your invitation to rugby

Top 10 worst wedding songs, via Jezebel.

I’m not sure the world is ready for the awesomeness that is a Garfield / Gary Coleman mashup. What Choo Talkin Bout Mondays?

Great idea… but dizzying. I think its the water bottle that did me in.

They said she gave birth quickly. How quickly? The baby slid down her pantleg. Yay sweatpants!

Have you reserved your Facebook username yet? If not, get on it because we all have idiots for friends.

I knew it wasn’t chance. Asian poses

Ghetto fabulous prom photos 2009. Sigh. My people, my people…