Jim Lahey Shit Board. Language NSFW

I dedicate this to RP.
Another fine Canadian production, posted at the Drunk Canuck and backed by the government of Canada. This time it’s the Jim Lahey Shit Board.

I For One Welcome Our Hair-Covered AT-ST Masters

I don’t care how small this thing is, if I encountered one in the wild and it so much as inched toward me I’d scream like a 6 year old girl and head for the hills. Kangaroo rat perhaps. Cute my ass.

From the Daily What

Attack Of The Show. The Ass Server

The AOTS crew promises to place a USB webcam up someone’s butt and then broadcast it on the internet. Something tells me this has been done about a million times online already, though perhaps not distributed as free content.


Eat that popcorn.

Late May Links

The Problem With Young People Today Is

Look out Lululemon… here come the Aussies with Skins workout wear. From Copyranter See ads of ass kicking workouts here and here

Are you a Fupa hunter? Fupa’s a new term to me… my doctor friend used to refer to it as a pannus.